Want personalised mindset, energy, embodiment & strategy support? 


Vanessa also offers exclusive 1:1 VIP weekends in South Africa and 2 hour intensives

Lady Millions Exclusive Hybrid Mastermind

4 month Mastermind for 6/7 figure visionary leaders ready to elevate their income, impact & spaciousness. You're already successful and getting paid for your soul's work & you're so ready for expansion, the Lady Millions way. 

This is an intimate group of 7 visionary leaders ready to accelerate their growth in a community that supports you. If you're ready for expansion this is for you. 

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Paid To Be You Certification

A Prosperity & Uplevel accelerator for bold visionary leaders & action takers ready to make their enormous vision a reality. Increase your income, sell out your signature offer and skyrocket client transformations all the while having fun. 


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Luxe Visionary Leader Retreat


Paid To Be You Membership

A monthly membership for $97/month for New Earth Visionary Leaders ready for expansion. 


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The Paid to be You Academy

12 module self-paced course with trainings, activations and additional soul reflections...

to go even deeper into the Paid To Be You methodology.
It’s time to take your evolution to the next level and have it ALL without sacrifice. 


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Bestselling Book Blueprint

Ready to write your bestselling book? Get my 9 module course where I share exactly how I overcame fears, planned my writing routine, wrote my book, launched it and hit bestseller


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Money Loves You Activation

Includes a money activation, journal prompts and a Paid To be You video to align you with your wealthy self NOW. We use binaural beats and light language to reset to your prosperous self. 


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Unleash Yourself

The 10 Day Experience to fire up your intuition so you always know what to do and when, get clear on your mission & message and launch + sell your SOUL aligned program in hours (not months) 


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Unleash Your Message

My 8 part signature Method to help you create Authentic Content that makes you stand out in the online space, magnetise soul clients and get PAID. 


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Join the Visionary Entrepreneur Society Facebook Group

This is a free private Facebook group for visionary female entrepreneurs on a mission to impact millions, make millions and give back freely. It is for you if you are committed to making your big business dreams a reality and grow + scale your business.

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Paid to Be You - the Book

“Vanessa and this book have not only been a breath of fresh air, but also like finding a true best friend. Only a best friend will call you out on your bullshit, that you’re playing small and dulling your light. But does it with love and compassion, giving you the permission and space to slow down in this chaotic world to find clarity of your own path. Without Vanessa, I’d still be stuck churning in what I think I’m “supposed to be”, but now I’m building an empire on WHO I AM - and it’s working, effortlessly. I have nothing but gratitude.”

- Katrina Hubbard, Branding That Banks 

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