An Uplevel & Prosperity accelerator for Visionary leaders ready to increase your Income, Create your Signature Methodology and skyrocket your Client transformations. It's time to get paid abundantly for being YOU. 

 You have a big mission and vision, you're taking aligned action towards it and now you're ready for your next level of income, impact & freedom

Being PAID TO BE YOU  is about receiving an overflow of money for your unique gifts, skills and experience.

It’s about speaking your truth, taking bold aligned actions, selling what you want in the way that you want and attracting soul clients that you adore working with.

It’s about being the leader you were born to be and living a luxurious life, all the while feeling turned on, radiant and free.

You're already getting's time to get paid even more by being YOU, unapologetically. 

Are you ready to remember how limitless, brilliant & gifted you are?  Are you ready to operate from your highest timeline? 

"All the way! PTBY is a shape shifting program! It is about conscious growth, soul reset, and expansion if you allow it! Auraldie

This is the certification that ends the constant search for more certifications. It's a reset to your soul blueprint & brings your skills, gifts & experience together in your signature offer so that you are the ONLY choice for the soul clients already in your energetic field. It combines….

‚Ė≥¬†An Uplevel & Prosperity toolkit¬†to support you (and clients) with massive expansion¬†so that you can¬†HOLD & receive more. You've mastered your craft and are so ready to SKYROCKET client results by being unapologetically you.¬†¬†

‚Ė≥¬†Gene Keys & shadow integration¬†to align you with your highest potential so that you create & sell in alignment with your unique blueprint

‚Ė≥¬†A clear process to¬†supercharge your¬†signature methodology (or uplevel your current offer), unlock your¬†next level¬†messaging & attract soul clients excited to pay you.¬†

‚Ė≥¬†A space of radical self honesty¬†& responsibility and leading yourself with firm standards, emotional intelligence and boundaries.¬†

‚Ė≥Quantum Marketing, Vibrational Launching & Soulful sales¬†- so that you combine your intuition with savvy marketing strategies so that you attract soul clients who are already in your vortex waiting to pay you whatever you charge.¬†¬†

‚Ė≥ A pathway to uplevel your capacity to receive, hold and expand wealth¬†with joy.

You are a POWERFUL SUPERCONSCIOUS co-creator of your reality - it's time to create a wildly wealthy business without sacrifice. 

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Create a massive impact in the world and leave a legacy. You're done playing small... and you're so ready to take up space, be seen and create a ripple effect of change. You know that your mission & message is IMPORTANT. 

Support clients with mind - blowing transformations. You're already seeing amazing results but you're ready to supercharge this  Our clients can only grow to the level we're prepared to grow ourselves

Embody your bigger vision & soul goals (without the pushing, proving & ego goals) and to walk in certainty as the embodiment of your next level NOW. 



You’re ready to take your unique gifts, skills and experience  to create something REVOLUTIONARY and impactful for your soul clients.

You hold magic, determination and power that at times  scares even you! You’re my perfect client.

You don't believe that change is hard, or it has to take a long time (bye-bye old paradigm) and you want to create something that supports clients and feels exciting for you too.

That’s what the Paid To Be You Certification is all about, helping you unlock your gifts, own your power and support clients with massive transformations by being unapologetically you. It's about taking the aligned actions & creating what you're meant to so that you get PAID abundantly. 


Making your big vision a reality and taking BOLD moves with certainty that it's done. If you can see it you can create it. No holding back 

Being seen, heard and KNOWN for your work. Your message is impacting millions by being you. You're ready to own the potency of your work and the power of your mission. 

Having consistent big money months (there are no limits to what you can achieve - you are money), getting paid exactly what you want to charge and attracting dream clients who have to work with you. When you are ALL of you - you are the only choice for your clients.

You have a method in place that you use to shift yourself mentally, emotionally and physically – to keep your energy clear and magnetic to be able to receive & hold money, clients and next level impact.

Having so much fun, pleasure and joy in the work you do while showing up confidently.

Paid To be You Certification is based on the FACT that you are magnificent, divine, perfectly created , and whole. Everyone on this planet has a reason for being. You included!



We teach these methods while you create your own methodology/certification. These tools have helped me and my clients create amazing results in life and business. After doing 33 courses & various qualifications coupled with 9+ years of experience online & 17 years coaching and 1000s of testimonials,  I’ve brought together the best of what I know and only use processes that I believe in (which will end your search for more tools):

Through Vanessa's Rapid Energetic Recoding Method we work with all 3 - conscious, subconscious and super conscious mind giving you the tools to uplevel while also scope to make it your own and teach clients . The only thing that works is what we believe works.

Unleash Your inner genius - the 2 hour intensive (1:1 or group) that I sell for $1888 and unlocks a clients genius, methodology, messaging and story as well as clear & release what is holding them back from owning their brilliance. I’ve seen clients go from charging less than $2000 charge and sell $25k programs.

Creating channelled activations and visualisations to shift a client and receive their deepest wisdom. The technique I use, how to channel, the language of visualisations & tapping into your subconscious & super conscious and the tech of adding music & choosing it

Light language activation  -  this will support you with creating a strong connection to your higher self so that you feel more vibrant, energised and connected. 

Everything that is meant for you in this lifetime is already in your energetic field and this supports you with getting clarity and confidence to take the aligned actions to manifest it

Unlocking your unique codes for radiance, purpose and abundance while connecting you to your highest frequency and understanding the shadow so that you embody your highest potential and get Paid to Be You. 


I’m Vanessa Hallick, a world-renowned Mindset and Intuitive Business coach, Bestselling Author of Paid To be You and founder of the Rapid Energetic Recoding™ Method.

I’m obsessed with helping visionary entrepreneurs create a freedom-based business, using savvy strategies, psychology and soul alignment...all while having fun!

I love empowering you to be the best version of yourself and achieve your definition of success while being abundant, confident and happy. My mission is to support you in creating your richest and most exciting reality, by helping you achieve your big goals with radiance and joy.

After doing over 33 courses in 13 months and finally saying “fuck it” after walking out of a course after day 1, angry, frustrated and disappointed. I realised, I was searching for the next course to validate me. To give me the magic tool to support clients. What I realised? My power, my brilliance, my experience and finally owning how incredible I actually am is what I needed to support my clients on their journey. That was the end of my search for the next thing.

What I really learnt instead was this…

You are the magic. You are the magnificence. This is the certification to support you with remembering who you are and holding space for your power & genius so that you feel confident, clear and excited to support others.

"I went from $10k months to $60k months in PTBY. My client results skyrocketed, I started to sell my signature offer and really embodied being Paid To be me" Victoria



PHASE 1: Making your soul vision a reality, recalibrating your nervous system to hold more & embodying your next level NOW

PHASE 2: Expanding Your Impact - creating your signature offer, speaking your truth, skyrocketing client results & sharing your message boldly  

Expanding Your Income - unlocking your prosperity codes, energetics of money & being a vibrational match for infinite wealth 

PHASE 3: Creating a Sustainable & Scaleable business for the long term - Quantum marketing, soulful selling & launching. Aligning and integrating the internal shifts into your upgraded business.  


1/ Your Gene Keys Report & Audio with integration prompts 

2/ The Kinky B*tch formula to bring awareness to anything in your reality that needs shifting. Understand how you're getting off on what you don't want so that you can manifest what you do. 

Bigger Vision Into Reality

  • In a powerful activation, you’ll connect into your vision, create certainty that it’s done, understand what’s holding you back and how to take the next aligned steps  (this is potent)
  • Receive my signature Soul Goal Clearing so that you can release anything that doesn't align with what you want to manifest & use this every time you're working towards a goal
  • Understand how to stay in the leading energy of your bigger vision, navigate discomfort and work with any fears that rise up

 - BIGGER VISION ACTIVATION to move in certainty that it's already done

 - KUNDALINI KRIYA - to integrate discomfort & do a nervous system overhaul so that you receive what is meant for you

Root Chakra: Expanding Your Capacity To Receive & Breathwork Facilitation

Gene Key Activation & Prompts ‚Äst Gift Path ‚Äď Evolution Sphere ‚Äď Root Chakra¬†


  • How to regulate your nervous system & the importance of regulation in¬†receiving guidance from your higher self,¬† manifestation &¬†holding space for more clients, money & opportunities while intentionally managing¬†dysregulation¬†when you move out of your comfort zone.¬†
  • Align with feeling vibrant, trusting your higher self and creating wealth with joy¬†¬†
  • Emotional intelligence and how to effectively manage & feel your emotions so that you move forward as a self-led CEO(a simple 2 minute practice to transmute emotions & dissolve unfavourable¬†memories)

Tools & Process to be taught: Quantum Breathwork For Business

  • Understand the breathwork technique so that you feel confident in using this technique with clients

Activation: Grounding & Safety so that you manifest with ease

Week 4 & 8: Breathwork & RER as well as create your signature methodology. 

Your Opulent Signature Methodology & Unique Genius Process with clients

Gene Key Activation & Prompts ¬†‚Äď Gift Path ‚Äď Life‚Äôs work/Brand Sphere ‚Äď Sacral Chakra

You've worked with clients but you're EXCITED to launch & sell your UNIQUE offer using your gifts, skills & knowledge. 


  • YOUR SIGNATURE METHODOLOGY & SOUL CLIENT that will pay you anything you charge
  • Unlocking or elevating your signature methodology using your unique gifts, skills & story so that you can increase the investment for your programs and feel confident in the transformation you provide
  • Attract soul clients ready to invest (clearing & recoding to align with the next level investment)
  • Sales page copy template¬†

Tool & Process to be taught: YOUR SIGNATURE METHODOLOGY + Unleash Your Unique Genius

  • Learn my process for supporting clients with unlocking their unique gifts, story and signature methodology that you can use with clients or make it your own
  • Receive a full pack of templates and guides to support you with this process where needed

Activation: Signature Offer Activation 

Activation: Sacral Chakra clearing to expand pleasure, creativity & receiving

Uplevel Your Money Frequency & Receiving

Gene Key – Solar Plexus – Culture Sphere

  •  Align fully with the version of you that creates effortless wealth on your terms
  • Confidently move as a match for what you want and clear any limitations stopping you  
  • Understand your personal wealth codes using your Gene keys so that you know how you personally amplify wealth
  • Release patterns, plateaus, feast & famine or overworking cycles so that you can attune to exponential wealth over time and feel incredible

Activation: You are Money 

Superconscious wealth recoding to reset to your prosperous blueprint

Activation: Prosperity & Wealth Codes DNA Activation  



Heart Coherence, Collapsing Timelines & Rapid Energetic Recoding

Gene Keys Activation & Prompts¬†‚Äď Heart Path ‚Äď Attraction Sphere, IQ Sphere, EQ Sphere & SQ Sphere


  • Tapping into unconditional love for yourself, clients and your mission so that they feel empowered to expand¬†
  • Releasing judgement for yourself, clients and others ‚Äď understanding mirrors, triggers and projections so that you stop seeking external validation¬†

Tool & Process to be taught: Rapid Energetic Recoding Method to shift yourself & clients 

Activation: Heart Opening & Healing

Your Unique Message, Speaking Your Truth & Creating Intuitive Activations

Gene Keys Activation & Prompts ‚Äď Throat Chakra ¬†‚Äď Purpose


  • Speaking your truth, unlocking your next level message & being unapologetically you¬†so that you¬†are the ONLY ONE for soul clients
  • Clearly articulating your unique genius and speaking to ready to invest clients (already in your energetic field)¬†


  • Creating your own visualizations and activations to speak to the subconscious and superconscious to unlock what is really holding a client back

Activation: Throat Chakra & Unapologetic Self Expression


Intuitive Marketing & Vibrational Selling 

Gene Keys ‚Äď Heart Path & Abundance path ‚Äď Vocation/Core wound sphere ‚Äď Third Eye


  • Cultivating more trust in your intuition¬†and higher guidance so that you take aligned action towards your vision¬†
  • Your soul clients are already in your energetic field, ready to pay you whatever you charge. Get into the vortex through Vanessa's¬†vibrational marketing & selling process

TEMPLATES: Stories that sell, Carousels That Convert, Podcast process, Automated Marketing funnel emails & copy. 

 Activation: Quantum Marketing & selling - being a match for soul clients 

Superconscious recoding: Release Fear of Failure and Fear of Success


Radiance & Light Codes Activation 

Gene Keys – Crown Chakra – Radiance


  • Owning your intuitive  gifts so that you can tap into these for potent client transformations
  • Activating your light language codes to connect you to your higher self for exponential growth

Tool & Process to be taught: Light Language & transformation through the use of light language.


Integrating, Long Term Sustainability & Celebration

Gene Keys ‚Äď Pearl Sphere ‚Äď Soul Star Chakra¬†


  • Looking at sustainability, spaciousness & consistency in your business based on your next level of internal expansion & wealth¬†
  • assessing teams/structures/systems you need now based on the huge uplevel
  • Showcasing client testimonials

 Activation: Reset To Your Soul Blueprint


Week 12: Celebration & bringing it all together  



→ Have done courses and worked with some clients but you’re a visionary and want to UPLEVEL your signature methodology using your unique gifts, skills & knowledge

→ Have a deep desire to create a meaningful impact in the lives of your clients while getting paid abundantly for your services 

‚Üí Love to think creatively and bring new ideas to light and then take the actions to make them a reality.

→ The rebels, rule breakers and visionary leader who KNOW they are limitless and money is in unlimited supply.  



$2497 or $497 x 6



  • 13 weekly LIVE calls with Vanessa¬†
  • Private Telegram group to connect with other visionary leaders, get support and feedback¬†
  • Feedback¬†on copy, signature offer and messaging by Vanessa and her team.¬†
  • 5 of the most profound methodologies I use for rapid client transformations & to safely support clients with transformation (including Breathwork, Rapid Energetic Recoding, Whole brain, Unique Genius &¬† Intuitive Activations)¬†¬†

  • 12 Activations, New Belief Recoding & Implant¬†

  • 12 core modules that you can refer back to at any time using the alignment sequence. Energy - Mindset - Embodiment & Marketing¬†

  • Personalised Gene Keys Report, reflection prompts and Audio download of your report by a Gene Keys expert with weekly integration



Excited to see you in there. When you rise up, you give others permission to do the same.


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