You know you’re meant to impact millions, make millions and give back freely to meaningful causes and you’re ready to ELEVATE all areas of your life.

 You’re making money, you’ve launched programs, have a list & community...but you’re, thinking, ‘I’m ready to quantum leap and stop playing small?’

 You’re passionate, you’re great at what you do and the results your clients get are mind-blowing. 

 You’re ready to build your team, shift your messaging and create a suite of programs that feel ALIGNED. You want to FEEL HAPPY, SEXY, WILD and CAREFREE.

 You’re currently at $10k+ months and KNOW you want to be surrounded by other visionary woman on a mission to create a ripple effect of change. You know you’re MADE FOR MORE.


Working with soul clients you adore, confidently charging whatever you know you're meant to and making a massive ripple effect of change in the lives of your clients. 

You've owned your inner power, sharing your BIG message with the world and you feel vibrant and alive. 

You've started writing your book and you know that it will change so many lives. 


I know what it feels like to be incredibly ambitious and know that you’re meant to do bigger things in this lifetime. The fear of not fulfilling your true potential and achieving what you’re meant to – scares you more than the fear of failure.

You’re driven, you’re a visionary, you’re unstoppable when you put your mind to something. It’s NOT GREEDY to want more – it’s who you are. You’re an evolutionary being in an ever expanding Universe – you are born to grow, evolve and be the BEST version of you.

Growing your business doesn't have to mean doing more – it’s about BEING more. More YOU, fully expressed and unapologetic about the divine gifts you have so that you do the work you’re meant to do. No more hiding, dulling down or dimming your light. You’re not meant to be the best kept secret on the internet.

You don’t need to work HARDER or be on another social media platform. More money doesn’t have to mean more work.  You’ve done the hustle and 14 hour work days. The sleepless nights worrying about where the next clients will come from. That doesn’t have to be your REALITY anymore. You get to CHOOSE what you’re available for. You get to CHOOSE who you work with - only the BEST.

You are the most important asset in your business and it depends on YOU being healthy, happy and energised. Play and FUN are essential for manifestation. You’ve taken life too seriously for way too long, it’s time to ENJOY the business you’ve built and set it up for the long term.

Because I’ve transformed my life and business through the mindset, strategy and energy work I’ll teach you. A former burnout queen with an addiction to people pleasing, overworking and fixing others. I took my business from 6 figures (and tons of worry, fear and exhaustion) to multiple 6 figures working less, making more of an impact, feeling relaxed + happy and seeing even better client results.

Key #1

Realising that you don’t have to DO more to scale your business to $50k + months. You need a simple, aligned plan using your unique skills and a team that supports your bigger vision so that you can stay in your zone of genius. You need to own your unique gifts and who you want to work with. No more trying to please everyone. Simplicity Is Luxury.

Key #2

Making the CHOICE to HONOUR yourself and your soul desires. Taking action from intuition, your divine feminine energy and your highest excitement. Creating, launching and selling your unique programs in alignment with your Human Design. As a high achiever creating the balance between the divine feminine (intuition) and divine masculine (aligned action, self discipline) is important to create. 

The work I now do with clients incorporates everything I’ve learnt and experienced to compress your timeline to success (so you don’t have to invest over $350k to learn this)

Mindset, Wealth + Manifestation

Creating an unwavering mindset and feeling aligned is key to manifesting what you want in life and business. We manifest from the subconscious so when the conscious + subconscious belief patterns are not in alignment it doesn’t matter how many affirmations you say or how many times you set a big goal. If you don’t truly believe it, it won’t show up in your reality.

That is why I use Hypnosis, visualisation and NLP to access the subconscious belief patterns and rewire the mind. You can download a new operating system and shift instantly. You can release trauma and heal deeply so that you can make a greater impact in the world.

Money stories and subconscious beliefs hold you back from true wealth. Most of what we believe is created in our early childhood, 0 -7 years. 95% of your thoughts are subconsious, this is why accessing and rewiring your subconsious is essential for true growth + abundance in all areas of life.

Energy Work

 Your client base, quality of clients, the prices you charge and the money you make is dependent on what you believe you can create and have the ENERGY to take on. As intuitive entrepreneurs we tend to take on a lot of other peoples energy and a lot of responsibility. When your aura (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self) is vibrant + radiant you become a magnet for all of your desires.

Understanding wealth, prosperity, Feminine Energy and Intuition is essential for real freedom. You’re not truly wealthy if you spend your life worrying and doubting yourself. Happiness comes from feeling fully supported, of being able to receive LOVE and sensual pleasure. Being in your divine feminine power and honouring yourself makes you MAGNETIC to money, clients and opportunities. Together, we look at your Human Design energy type, Gene Keys and have weekly distance REIKI energy clearing sessions to keep your energy centres optimised for health, wealth and happiness.

Intuitive Marketing, Soulful Souls + Embracing Your Unique Gifts

There is no perfect step – by – step process on how to create a wildly wealthy business but their is your soul blueprint, mission and purpose. When you’re aligned with what you’re offering and understand what you’re uniquely talented at, you effortlessly market, sell and create in a way that feels FUN and gets results.

Doing it YOUR way and assessing what you LOVE doing in your business is essential for success. I made multiple 6 figures online by doing ONE (disastrous) Facebook live, writing a ton and investing money into FB advertising with a mad ROI ($43k to make over a $1 million).

We all have our journey and what excites us in our business. We’ve had multiple 6 figure launches with zero challenges, webinars and 3 months of planning (or expensive ad spend). There is NO one size fits all approach. You’re a multifaceted, multitalented and incredible being you’re meant to be a leader not a sheep. That’s why I’ll help you find the strategy that works best for YOU.

I don’t like being told what to do, especially if I don’t know WHY. We each have a unique blueprint for marketing + selling. That’s why I incorporated coaching, NLP, psychology, breath work, human design, 13 years of corporate HR + recruitment , Reiki and everything I’ve learned and experienced to build a business better than my dreams. Together we’ll look at all of these areas for you – to VAVAVOOM your marketing + yourself. What you do have is the grit, resilience and entrepreneurial vision to try things, test and pivot.  

Clear Systems + Strategy Aligned to You

We’ll analyse your current team (or lack thereof) and put a strategic plan in place to recruit unicorn team members that get your bigger vision and mission. With Human Design, clear recruitment processes and interview practices, we’ll identify the best fit for your business and how to effectively manage your team.

I’m a leading Mindset and Intuitive Business, Bestselling Author of Paid To Be You and Founder of the Rapid Recoding Method coach obsessed with helping visionary entrepreneurs create a successful freedom-based business using savvy strategies, soul alignment and having FUN while doing it!

My vision and mission are to support you in creating your richest and most exciting reality by helping you achieve your BIG goals without feeling overwhelmed. To empower you to be the best version of yourself and to create YOUR version of success - influential, confident and happy. I also enjoy outdoor adventures and learning all about the human psyche and how it relates to building a successful business.

We’ve made millions online and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs scale and grow their business to 6 figures and beyond. Our work has been featured in Forbes, Red Online, Financial Times, Irish Examiner and other incredible publications. We’ve also hosted an international retreat which sold out in 10 days! Most importantly we’re happy and have created a business and life we love.

It’s no coincidence you landed on this page…You KNOW business can be done differently. With more pleasure, more authenticity and alignment. 

6 MONTH 1:1 + MASTERMIND COACHING INCLUDES: (Here's the full breakdown...)

2 x 60 minute private coaching sessions that are personalized to your needs and dreams and will keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set.

2 x Monthly Deep Dive Mastermind calls with other like-minded ladies - these are intimate and done via video to build a deeper connection.

Voxer support for daily alignment + support so that you can effortlessly scale and grow.

2 hour intensive to discuss your signature methodology, gifts, elevated messaging and mission. 

Access to Supercharge Your Success by Design Modules - 16 Modules on anything from emotional intelligence, embodied selling to sales funnels. 

2 hour Human design reading and 1 hour Gene Keys session with experts to unlock your purpose, radiance and  prosperity codes

Full review of landing pages, Facebook ads, videos and sales copy so that you have our eyes on your business to make sure it converts.

Email Support during the entirety of the program so you can ask any questions you have and get serious support in between sessions.

Access to a private Facebook Community of likeminded women to bounce ideas off of, inspire you, and support you.

This is about remembering who you are, UNLEASHING YOURSELF and igniting your inner power (that has been there all along) and then putting in the systems + structures to support your growth so that you serve, sell and create in a way that is scalable and sustainable.

You’ll get access to all the courses I’ve created so you’ll have everything you need on selling, launching, creating programs and creating an unwavering belief system. You can see full Supercharge Your Success content HERE.

Additional content for ELEVATE…. (and members can request new content or additional guest experts)

01. Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine Balance 

Accessing your divine feminine power and balancing your masculine energy so that you stop the pushing, proving and DOING more and connect to your inner wisdom + intuition.

How to grow + scale through intuitive guidance and channelling the message you’re meant to share. Trusting yourself fully and taking action from FAITH.

How to create from a state of flow so that you get more done in less time.

02. Wholeness + Integrating the Shadow self 

Balancing your chakras and understanding how each chakra relates to your business success

How to FEEL whole NOW and to accept all parts of you for full self expression, limitless wealth and effortless VISIBILITY

Inner child and shadow work to understand your patterns and habits so that you can break through any blocks holding you back . When you OWN this side of you and intergrate it into your marketing – THIS Is what will make you stand out. Your most magnetising messaging is generally in what you’re NOT saying.

Protecting + Elevating your energy so that you don’t take on other’s energy + take too much responsibility for others


03. Leadership + Receiving

Use your unique leadership style to build team, clients and relationships.

Allowing yourself to be fully supported in business and life.

04. Soulful 7-Figure Strategy + Writing Your Bestselling book

Connecting with the 7 figure version of you NOW and putting a clear strategy in place to reach the goals you set

You're ready to be seen in a big way and write your book. Together we will identify what this looks like for you and create it! 

>> it goes without saying - you’re a motherfudging (lol) badass boss.

...You’re a doer, creator and an elevator. People are naturally drawn to your energy and the magnetism you have. You believe in yourself and that anything is possible.

>> your income level is at least $10k / month and you’re ready to ELEVATE your income

...You 100% know that you’re made for more and you’re ready to RISE

>> you know that #growth comes with #discomfort

...So you’re not scared to whip on those big girl panties, get out of your comfort zone and do this dang thing (with my team and I by your side each step of the way)

>> you want to work in your zone of genius

...Have a team of people to support you and help you achieve your bigger vision (built in a strategic and sustainable way

>> you’re ready to launch + sell low to high end products and services with a simple, yet effective strategy

>> You’re SOLUTION focused

...You’re the type of person that when things aren’t working, you look for ways to move forward instead of complaining or being a victim . This is a space where you lead yourself and understand emotional intelligence 

>> You’re ready to take the next leap in your business 

...Set yourself up for multiple 6 (or 7 figure years) surrounded by visionary entrepreneurs that GET YOU.

>> You desire to have it ALL

...The successful multiple 7 figure business, the relationship, the body, a ton of money and a huge dose of FUN without sacrificing in other areas of your life

imagine... making as much money as you desire and being PAID to be the best version of YOU

imagine... living life on your own terms and having the peace of mind and abundance to actually enjoy the work you do (and the clients you support)

imagine... standing out in the sea of sameness, and speaking your TRUTH. Sharing the message that you are destined to share.



6 payments of $3500

  • 1 x 1:1 sessions. The first is a 2 hour intensive.
  • 2 x Monthly mastermind call with other visionaries hitting $20k+ in their business
  • Human design reading and 20 page report to fully understand energy type, strategy and authority to your profile, energy centres, gates, channels and incarnation cross
  • Unlimited VOXER and email support
  • Private Facebook group with other $20k+/month visionaries
  • Templates for recruitment and interviewing new team members
  • Access to ALL programs I have created and create during our time together
  • Access to Bestselling Book Blueprint and support with writing and reviewing your book 
  • Gene Keys report & audio reading 
  • Access to Paid To be You Certification (to open your channels and connect to your signature methodology) 



Payment Plan $8888/month

  • 12 x 1:1 60 minute personalised call with me with an initial 2 hour intensive to unlock your signature methodology, message and mission
  • Unlimited 30 min 1:1 sessions wherever needed
  • 2 x Monthly mastermind call with other visionaries hitting $20k+ in their business
  • Human design reading and 20 page report to fully understand energy type, strategy and authority to your profile, energy centres, gates, channels and incarnation cross
  • Unlimited VOXER and email support
  • Private Facebook group with other $20k+/month visionaries
  • Templates for recruitment and interviewing new team members
  • Access to ALL programs I have created and create during our time together
  • Access to Bestselling Book Blueprint and support with writing and reviewing your book 
  • Gene Keys report & audio to unlock your unique gifts, prosperity & radiance codes
  • Access to Paid To be You Certification (to open your channels and connect to your signature methodology) 
  • Book editing and inner layout of book included