Hello! I'm Vanessa Hallick.

I help ambitious women overcome their fears of quitting their 9-5 so they can finally follow their true calling in life and build a business they truly love! I coach them through each step of the transition -- going from unfulfilled employee to being an on-purpose business woman with a life of freedom and flexibility.

(Yes, my "job" is the best in the world!)

I have always (well nearly always!) played it safe in life.

And although I had BIG dreams, playing it safe meant I was living small! I did well at school, went to University and then progressed quite quickly in my career as an HR professional. I had a good job and was earning a decent salary but I just felt like something was missing. My life lacked meaning & purpose but for a very long time I didn't have any idea how to change my circumstances...

But things got worse and soon, every area of my life was being affected. I was so exhausted that I was struggling to wake up in the mornings, my relationship was suffering and I had put on more weight than I am proud of. Finally, I decided SOMETHING had to CHANGE.

Quickly after, I gained some clarity on what I wanted to do... I wanted to become a coach! I started working on my coaching diploma and quickly quit my corporate job. In a flurry, I steamed ahead with getting a photoshoot done, creating a website and publishing my very own Facebook page!

I was set up and thought to myself, now all the clients will come and I'll be replacing my salary soon enough...! But no, that wasn't my reality. Instead there was no one, nothing, not even a FREE clarity call being booked! I was feeling the financial crunch, the tech overwhelm and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong for the life of me.

I had spent so much time looking at coaching websites, listening to webinars and subscribing to every newsletter. I thought I had this biz thing nailed! The days that followed were spent feeling like a total failure. I was overwhelmed and more lost than ever before. I had sleepless nights and had never been so stressed or depressed in my life. This was supposed to be the freedom I wanted, right? Not quite!

Everything I have ever put my mind to, I usually succeed in... but looking back I know full well that my mindset wasn’t right at all. In reality, I was a bit clueless and naïve to think I could create big success all alone.

In my desperation I invested in an online coaching package that I could do at my own pace. I realised I had wasted A LOT of money doing the wrong thing and now needed to do some major course correcting. After months of playing the guessing game, my savings were dwindling and my self – belief was nowhere to be found. I had the right tools at my disposable with the coaching package but just looking or listening to the content reminded me of how much time & money I had wasted. At this point I resided myself to the fact that going back into a corporate job was my reality.

"Is this all my life was meant to be?", I thought to myself. I had to start looking for work again... which was literally my worst nightmare unfolding right before me. 

I was about to quit… but it's not in my nature to go there!

Instead, I decided to invest in myself & hired a mentor who gave me the tools to create a biz I love. This was honestly the best decision I made. In the first 30 days of working together I went from making not even $200 dollars to $4200 in sales. It was NO longer an expensive hobby but a REAL business! Everything changed.

When I started working with my coach, I kept saying “I feel fearless.”

This was a MAJOR shift for me! I went from paralysing fear to this amazing confidence and belief in my ability.

I finally saw that it was possible for me and I could be like other women out there rocking their online biz. I wholeheartedly believed I could get out of a corporate job and have the freedom & flexibility I wanted. I knew that I was meant for bigger things and I had the power within me to make it happen. I was determined and fearless in the pursuit of freedom. 


SO how did things change from “is this really my life?” to “I feel fearless”? 

•    I completed my coaching certification.
•    I invested in myself – success coaches, coaching programs & social media training.
•    I committed to taking care of myself above all else - I lost 20lbs & shifted my mindset big time!
•    I surrounded myself with like-minded people.
•    I got intimate with money and started to truly believe that I could manifest wealth!
•    I had a profitable business I was absolutely passionate about and started to live life on my terms


I am just a women with big dreams and desires like anyone else... but I finally given myself permission to live life on my terms NOW, not 10 years from now (which really means NEVER!).

Most people never truly live their life with meaning. But you don't have to live like "most people".

You have talents and gifts that are probably so squashed by the constraints of your corporate job that you no longer truly know what makes you happy.

NOW is the time to step into your true self & be the women you desire to be. If I can have this life, so can you. No one should dread another day at a job that sucks the life from them. 


- Take a moment to think about what you truly desire in your life. -


  • If you were doing what makes you happy what would that look like for you?
  • Where would you be if you could work from anywhere?
  • In what areas of your life are you holding back because you fear failure?

My mission is to help women get out of their corporate job and create an online business that is profitable and aligned with their passion. I help them overcome any fears holding them back so that they have the confidence to be visible and to manifest abundance on their own terms so they can be exactly who they want to be.

The life you desire is ready for you… are you ready for it?

When you have a successful career in the corporate world, it usually equates to something else in your life being out of balance.  When you live life on your terms you create your ideal existence, you are a leader of your own life and have the power to create the balance you desire. I am here to tell you that you can have it all! 

Today, we as women don’t have to choose between our personal life, family & making money.
The opportunities are endless... we can create freedom & flexibility and have a life so much richer in every way.  

Are you ready to step into your true self and live life on your terms?  

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
— John D. Rockefeller