Welcome to FREEDOM BUSINESS ACADEMY! Thank you for joining. 

Over the course of the time you are in the Academy, you will be coached by me in the mindset and  structures required for BUSINESS SUCCESS.

Live group coaching calls will take place 2 times a month, the times will be posted in the group. I would suggest booking the 1:1 session between the group calls and have 1 implementation week.  There will be training modules from guest experts.  Make sure you are added to the Private Facebook Group -  Freedom Business Academy 

To begin with, fill in your Welcome Pack. This will help you get further clarity on your business and will allow me to know you and your business before we embark on this journey together. Make sure to follow things week by week as each module builds on each other. I would suggest scheduling a specific time each week that you work on the module. 

Note - You must have the most updated version of Adobe installed on your computer which will allow you to type inside the text boxes in the PDFs and save your work. When you open a new workbook or any editable PDF, Download and SAVE it to your own computer with a new title before you begin typing responses into the module. Save your work periodically to ensure it is being saved.

This is your opportunity to get the life and business you’ve always dreamed of! Time to make it happen!

Thank you again for being a part of this incredible group !


To fill the PDF and save follow these steps; 

Download Adobe Reader

1. Open the fillable PDF

2. Click "Download" button

3. Once downloaded click on the file and "download" again

4. Save file by clicking "file" and then "Save as"

5. Open Adobe Reader and open the saved file

6. Fill out the document

7. Click "File" and "Save as"

8. Open Dropbox and Upload into our shared folder.