THis is for the lady bosess.




This is for you.

Because the great news is: you don’t have to wait until you quit your corporate job to start (and grow) your own business.  Instead, you can work on your dream biz while you're still in that 9-5  so that someday (very) soon you can walk out of that office building and into a business that is already thriving.



How do I know? Well, because I followed this plan myself. And it’s how in just a few months I went from trickling sales to 5-figure monthsall while still working my 9-5. It’s also how I was able to confidently walk away from my “real job” and into my dream life, without any of that terrifying time in between.

1. Realising that the tools I used to move up in my corporate job were completely different than the tools needed to run my own business.

2. Making the choice to really, wildly invest in my dream business. (And realising that this is the turning point for ALL successful entrepreneurs..)

Raise your hand if this sounds frustratingly familiar:

  • You’re in a corporate job, kicking ass, making great money...but you’re bored, unfulfilled, wondering, ‘Isn’t there more to life than this?’

  • You want to be able to create your own business while still being supported by the stability of your corporate just can’t seem to find the time or technique to make your idea really come alive.

  • You’ve read so much info about running your own biz and watched so many webinars but now you’re confused and overwhelmed on what to actually focus on to bring in the moola and clients (and freedom and excitement and...and..)

  • You’re worried about investing in your dream and not making any money in return; and in your most fearful moments your corporate job seems like a safe haven (until you get to work the next day and remember how fulfilled you are).

  • You want to make great work helping great people that makes great money and a great life for you and your family—one that’s full of freedom and flexibility.



Let's do this!

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  • Upleveling your passion-based business to 5 figure months and quitting your 9-5
  • Having a FULL roster of ideal clients who don’t think twice about paying you what you’re worth.
  • High-level, customised support so you can get clarity on your offerings, pricing, and business structure.
  • Becoming the confident, dynamic, highly-productive leader that you know you are—in your biz and life.
  • Waking up EXCITED to go about your day.
  • Discovering how to (actually) juggle your current work, your everyday life, and your freedom-based business.
  • Quitting the guessing game and getting your hands on the exact information that you need to create a thriving business (including everything from ideal clients to social media to marketing strategy)
  • No more one-size-fits-all BS and instead a personalised approach that takes your dream, your life, and your goals into consideration.
  • Identifying your truest passion and getting the confidence to pursue it with fervor, and doing it all in a way that will actually make you money.
  • Uncovering those pesky mindset blocks and self-limiting beliefs so you can evict them once and for all.
  • Creating a business on your own terms—no nagging boss, long hours, or lack of vacation time included—that makes as much (if not more) money than your corporate job.
  • A kind, but unapologetic voice of reason to give you the accountability you need to build an incredible business without experiencing a loss of income. 

I believe that’s my cue: I’m Vanessa Hallick and like you, I’ve always known I was meant for big things. The tricky part, of course, is knowing how to make it happen.  

My backstory isn’t all that wild: I’m just an ordinary girl from small town Knysna...but I always dreamt of doing big things with my life. I wasn’t born into the entrepreneurial world—my dad was an accountant and my mom was a teacher—so when I finished university (doing my honours in Human Resource Management), I went into recruiting. After realizing that recruitment sales is a brutal industry, I dabbled in customer services before ending up in HR. At first the work seemed right, but after 7 years I was extremely unhappy. And it showed—in my health, weight, skin, and disposition. I knew there was more out there for me—I just didn’t have a clue what that was.

So there I was, suffering personally and physically, lacking clarity, confidence, meaning, and purpose...but too fearful to leave my “safe” job. So I hired a career coach. Like many people who do so, I was blown away by the shifts in myself, and realised that  coaching itself was the career I had been looking for. There was just one problem: I had no clue how to be an entrepreneur.  While I was still in my 9-5, I was laser-focused on getting the certification completed and building my website. I did a photoshoot and spent money prematurely on Facebook ads. I was opting into every freebie, taking every webinar, and still coming up short. The passion was there, but creating the business was much more difficult than I anticipated. For one thing I was completely overwhelmed and scared. For another, I had no idea what my message was, who I wanted to work with, or how in the world to attract them. I was going about this on my own, stubbornly doing what had worked in my corporate career—but the clients (and the money) was not pouring in. Not at all.

Then, between the sleepless nights, the tears, and the agony that maybe I would have to stay at this corporate job for the rest of my life,  I decided to INVEST in myself.

I decided that life was short, that if I put money into this thing I deeply believed in, it would flow back to me.

And I was right.

Although I really couldn’t afford it at the time, I hired my own business coach  and took out a loan—because I knew I couldn’t afford not to. I continued my job in HR (even though I really didn’t want to) to keep the money flowing in.  And within 32 days of working with my mentor I went from having an expensive hobby to replacing my corporate income. That month, I almost paid off the 6 month coaching program ($10K) with the money from my online business and HR work. It was mind blowing and so exciting. I finally had a business! I went from struggling to give away free coaching or pay my bills to making enough money to replace my corporate income in just 1 month of coaching. I ended up going from $10K in debt to $14K saved within less than 6 months. And now, I get to help amazing, fierce, unstoppable women from all across the world do the same thing— build their own freedom-based businesses and quit their 9-5. Also? I’m traveling to Dubai and South Africa this spring for 7 weeks to see my family and friends. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to take longer than 2 weeks away.


My story is not an anomaly. It can be yours too.

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  • A clarity-inducing welcome packet to ensure that we spend our time working on precisely what you want to achieve.

  • 3 x 50 minute private coaching sessions per month  (via Skype or phone) that are personalized to your needs and dreams and will keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set.

  • An overflow of additional resources: including PDFs, workbooks, videos, and other tools to keep you on track and kicking butt.

  • Email support during the entirety of the program so you can ask any questions you have and get serious support in between our sessions.

  • Access to a private Facebook community of likeminded women there to bounce ideas off of, inspire you, and support you.

                               (AKA this is just a taste of the life-changing goods we’ll cover):

                              (AKA this is just a taste of the life-changing goods we’ll cover):



•    Overcome any negative beliefs around money so you open yourself up to receive in a BIG way
•    Get a mindset of success so that you believe that anything is possible for you
•    Putting the right tools and strategies in place to manage any negativity
•    Unblocking any negative thought patterns that no longer serve you


•    Get the clarity you desire on what you should be doing in your life so you no longer feel like life lacks meaning
•    Identify your true passion & what really lights you up
•    Get in touch with the women you are meant to be so you can finally step into your true self
•     Allow yourself to get in tune with what really makes you happy & how to make sure you do more of it.



•    Identify the activities that make you happy so that you make time for more of what you love
•    Effortlessly juggle your personal life, work and your biz
•    Learn how to manage your time effectively and put the right framework in place for success
•    Ensure you set and achieve the goals you want so you are always on track


•    Overcome any negative beliefs around money
•    Learn how to attract abundance and have enough for all of your desires
•    Feel in control of your finances instead of hiding from them
•    Set yourself up for success and abundance
•    Start living your dream life now 


•    Quit overwhelm around multiple systems with video tutorials
•    Learn how to create your own website that has all the essential elements to allow you to land new leads and clients
•    Get all the information you need on exactly what to use and how it works so that you don’t have to play the guessing game
•    Learn how to automate your business so you can have more flexibility to do what you love



•    Learn the key steps to creating a brand that is authentically you AND attracts your ideal clients
•    Have a cohesive feel across all social media accounts
•    Learn how to leverage social media using multiple platforms
•    Ensure that your photoshoot is done the right way so you don’t waste time & money
•    Never experience brand or website shame



•    Identify who your ideal client is so that you can work with as many of them as you desire
•    Learn how to attract your ideal clients without hard work
•    Get more visible the right way so that your ideal clients can find you
•    Package your offerings so that you don’t charge by the hour and end up broke
•    Design irresistible packages you clients can't refuse. 


•    Learn how to create desirable opt – ins that your ideal clients can’t resist
•    Grow your list consistently with new leads so that you always have a consistent flow of ideal clients
•    Develop a community filled with dedicated clients who can’t wait to work with you
•    Attract clients to you from all around the globe



•    Learn how to write you own copy that attracts the clients you want to work with
•    Creating a unique message that your ideal clients easily relate to
•    Use the right marketing too easily connect with your ideal client
•    Put the right marketing in place to build the know, like and trust factor effortlessly


  • Get the exact sales formula that allows you to book ideal clients
  • Learn how to overcome any objections so that you drastically reduce your “no’s”.
  • Confidently talk about your coaching packages and learn how to truly see the value in your offering so it no longer feels like selling.
  • Overcome any anxiety or fear around sales conversations so you feel excited about telling your ideal client about working with you

The one to one program includes 3 days in person with me and other like minded women from around the globe. It will be an incredible few days of Business Building, Yoga + Relaxation in Bali to celebrate your success and take your business to the next level.

Final dates and details are coming soon.

*Please note flight + accommodation will not be included*

Not sure if this is for you?

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2 x ONE HOUR of Social Media training, Jined Lamata, Social Media Manager for Univision Communications Inc.

Jined has been in the social media marketing world for over 7 years and has spent over 3 years working for the largest Spanish-language television network, Univision. Now, she works with women entrepreneurs to help them build their businesses online by providing the marketing tools & resources to do so successfully. 

In this session you will:

- Receive an audit of your current social media presence

- Learn tools to optimize your marketing strategy online

- Get personalized ideas for your business's social media content

- Get all your questions answered about Facebook Ads, content and      more!


So consider this your wake up call to grab that dream life by the horns and make it happen. Because no one can do it for you but you. And if you ask me? It’s about time you got out of your own way. (I’ll help.)

6 months is not an arbitrary timeline. It’s my research + results-backed SWEET SPOT where I hit 5-figures, had 6 months of money saved, and was able to walk away from my corporate job with grace, ease, and WILD excitement and certainty. 


$7,500/£5,287 Pay in Full 

Payment plan option: 6 monthly installments of $1,350/£954

So how about:

MAKING REAL money from AMAZING clients

living life on your own terms at last

standing out in the sea of sameness, and making a real impact on your life and the worlD

If you're on the brink of giving up and resigning yourself to the cubicle forever, this is your sign to look fear of failure in the eye and tell it to bugger off. Because you have a lot of incredible work to do, and a lot of money to make. 

And it’s about time you got going. (I’ll help.)

So let’s uplevel that launch. Let’s make your idea thrive. Let’s make the struggle for clients and clarity and profit a thing of the past. Let’s do this.

Let's get started!

The wonderful thing about investing in yourself & your business is that you will make the money back. 

*Please note an intensive 90 day program is available on request for $4,250