12 module self-paced course with trainings, activations and additional soul reflections...

to go even deeper into the Paid To Be You methodology.
It’s time to take your evolution to the next level and have it ALL without sacrifice.  

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Are you ready to fully own that you get paid to be all of you, unapologetically? Not just “Yes, I know I’m unique”… but to know in every cell of your body that you have a purpose and reason for being.

A calling that lights up your soul.

Divine unique gifts and superpowers that when fully integrated and embodied allow abundance and manifestation to happen rapidly in your life.

Say no more, I'm in! >>>

Are you ready to own your magnificence so that you can make a greater impact in the lives of clients (and support them with seeing their brilliance)?

Do you want to have it ALL without sacrifice?

Owning your brilliance, sharing your unique message and creating incredible transformations in the lives of your clients and those around you (just by being you).

The biggest issue we face as a collective is our deep conditioning.

Outdated programming telling us:

That it can't be this easy...

We can't do what we love everyday...

We can't receive money for something that we're passionate about...

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a big load of bullshit. 

I know, I got in a swear word there, because honestly, I’m sick of it. Seeing incredible visionary entrepreneurs like you, selling cookie cutter programs, copying templates from others, dulling down your truth or hiding your story behind layers of guilt.

Feeling unfulfilled and lacklustre. 

Not anymore, not on my watch.

Say it with me: I am magnificent. I get Paid to be Me, unapologetically. I get to feel vibrant and alive.

I get to do what lights me up.


"Paid to be you is a game-changer if you`re ready to really have it all. Vanessa is going to remind you how gorgeous you are & what you came here for. She`ll activate your gifts & make you unstoppable. Such an honour to be a part of your beautiful journey."

Life is not about living in pain or struggle, the purpose is to do the work you’re meant to do and to have fun while doing it!

Now that I’ve told you what I stand for, I’ll give you the full breakdown below. 

But, if you feel you’re IN already then:


Life is not about living in pain or struggle, the purpose is to do the work you’re meant to do and to have fun while doing it!

Now that I’ve told you what I stand for, I’ll give you the full breakdown below. 

But, if you feel you’re IN already then:



"I’ve never been more amazed at someone’s desire to not only produce an extraordinary life for herself but equally as obsessed in helping others create it as well.  Vanessa breaks all the “rules” and has created success in life HER way.  And what I love the most about it is that she doesn’t push her way onto others.  She SHOWS them what is possible and then allows them to create their own roadmap.  She’s more than a business coach, she’s someone that will change your life to the core.  If you’ve been looking to learn from someone who has your best interest in mind, look no further… you’ve found Vanessa for a reason!"


"Vanessa has been a breath of fresh air, but also like finding a true best friend. Only a best friend will call you out on your bullshit, that you’re playing small and dulling your light. But does it with love and compassion, giving you the permission and space to slow down in this chaotic world to find clarity of your own path. Without Vanessa, I’d still be stuck churning in what I think I’m “supposed to be”, but now I’m building an empire on WHO I AM - and it’s working, effortlessly. I have nothing but gratitude."


"Dear Vanessa, thank you for challenging me to get bolder, supporting me as I break open further and encouraging me to go deeper in uncovering my divine purpose.

The path of a visionary entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted - which is probably why it is those of us born with a mighty heart who choose to listen to the call of the wild and follow the whisperings of our soul.

While it may seem lonely and even terrifying at times, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let Vanessa’s strength, skills and magic guide, reassure and inspire you on the way to being paid to be you.

Dulling down and hiding your light is so ‘old paradigm’. This book will show you the ‘why’ but more importantly, the ‘how’ of stepping into your power, owning your gifts and healing your relationship to success and money. An exhilarating manual that teaches you that you get to have it all!"

How to Shift Your Mindset

Understand the limiting beliefs, patterns and habits keeping you from fulfilling your full potential and creating what you’re meant to. Understand how these beliefs are formed, what’s really stopping you and how to rewire your brain for success through Vanessa’s Rapid Energetic Recoding method. 

How to Elevate Your Abundance

You’re already made to be abundant in all areas of your life. Whatever is meant for you is in your energetic field waiting for you to be ready to receive it. You’ll learn how to collapse timelines, activate your wealth codes and receive what is meant for you now. Get ready for a Quantum Uplevel!

How to Master the Paid to be You Methodology

Through the video trainings, activations and work books you’ll have the tangible steps to  get Paid To Be You. You’ll uncover how to unleash yourself and use your unique gifts, message and signature offer to create a ripple effect of change in the world. This methodology takes you beyond getting paid for the work you do and instead supports you with creating a soul aligned business and life filled with real impact, income and intimacy. 

I’m Vanessa Hallick, a world-renowned Mindset and Intuitive Business coach, author of Bestselling book, Paid To be You and founder of the Rapid Energetic Recoding Method. I’m obsessed with helping visionary entrepreneurs create a freedom-based business, using savvy strategies and soul alignment...all while having fun!

I’m Vanessa Hallick, a world-renowned Mindset and Intuitive Business coach, author of Bestselling book, Paid To be You and founder of the Rapid Energetic Recoding Method. I’m obsessed with helping visionary entrepreneurs create a freedom-based business, using savvy strategies and soul alignment...all while having fun!

I love empowering you to be the best version of yourself and create your definition of success while being abundant, confident and happy. My mission is to support you in creating your richest and most exciting reality, by helping you achieve your big goals without feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve gone from being fired from my sales job in recruitment, having a “failed” business and returning to a corporate job to building a business that has generated millions of dollars (without a sales team) and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs shift their mindset, speak their truth, and grow their business without sacrifice. I love supporting clients with the process of selling and see it as a powerful tool for change. More money in the hands of goodhearted women can do great things!

My work has been featured in
Forbes, Red Online, Financial Times, Irish Examiner, and other publications.  

After packing up our London life, my soulmate Shaun quit his corporate finance role and joined the company as partner and CFO. Together we moved to Bali for 2.5 years and travelled all around South East Asia while still being able to run a successful business. 

My journey wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns though. After playing the guessing game, being stubborn and too afraid to invest in my business I had to return to a corporate job for a further 6 months before I was able to quit for good. Then, in 2018 I experienced severe fatigue, anxiety and burn out – which forced me to do things differently and see what was working in my business and what wasn’t. It led me on a journey of personal growth, understanding myself and getting Paid To be me.

We now live in my hometown in Knysna, South Africa where I’ll frequently be found walking in the local forest with Apollo, our golden retriever and sharing daily inspiration on Instagram. 

Together, we’ve created our version of success and freedom. A life on our terms by our design. I’m  truly grateful to be able to spread my message further and impact millions, make millions, and give back freely to causes close to my heart.



  • Understanding and embodying that you have it all NOW and how to live your life from this space
  • My zero sacrifice formula for having it all in life and business
  • How to identify why you self-sabotage and what to do about it
  • How to shift your beliefs and create a life that looks and feels amazing 
  • Why what you really want hasn’t shown up yet (and what to do about it)

Activation: Have It All Activation  - connect into what that truly looks like for you, release limiting beliefs and reactivate your DNA so that you can have it all. 


  • Release the facade of success so that you can connect to your soul blueprint of what success means for you
  • My 7 step process for manifesting anything you desire and how to open and clear your channels to receive 
  • Detoxing from conditioning and outdated programming so that you can connect to what makes you truly happy (instead of chasing what you think you want)


Activation: Your Bigger Vision -  - connect to your bigger vision, see it vividly in the quantum realm and collapse timelines so that you can you allow what is meant for you to drop into your current reality.


  • How to create your life around your business in a way that nourishes and excites you. You get Paid To be the best version of you 
  • Expanding time so that you always feel like you have more than enough of it to do whatever is important to you 
  • Getting crystal clear on what you want so that you can receive even better 
  • How to identify and connect to your SOUL desires and goals so that they guide your actions and supercharge your motivation 

Activation: Connecting into your soul desires through your heart and sacral. BONUS: Use your Human Design strategy to master your decision making


  • Understanding why you self-sabotage when you’re about to go to the next level of income and impact and what to do about it
  • How to identify and break the habits and patterns keeping you at the same level
  • Understanding the change cycle and why the brain will continue on the path of least resistance and the familiar until we change key things (I go into all of these in more detail)
  • How to set yourself up for a quantum leap physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally so that you don’t burnout


  • My 6 step process for rewiring your subconscious and managing negative thought patterns as they arise 
  • How to shift from berating yourself to becoming the observer so that can identify the gift in fear or doubt 
  • Understanding the functioning of the brain and how to align your conscious and subconscious mind for success, wellbeing and happiness 

Rapid Energetic Recoding™  video to shift your emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs within minutes. How to use this tool on yourself whenever you need a rapid energetic shift.  


  • How to fall in love with money and make as much of it as you want
  • Rewiring outdated programming and stories around money so that you can attract more into your life
  • How to shift the way you see money, how you relate to money and your understanding of the frequency of money so that you can make more of it. 
  • Breaking the fear, doubt and worry about money so that you can focus on the work you’re meant to do and living your life 
  • The energetics of receiving and releasing money while trusting more will flow in  

Activation: Money Activation – release limiting beliefs, dissolve negative stories and cut any energetic or ancestral chords stopping you from expanding your wealth. Healing your root chakra so that you feel safe and secure in receiving


  • Why the nervous system affects our ability to take on clients and how to effectively regulate it
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence and boundaries so that you can receive more clients and cash 
  •  Managing your emotions and resolving any trapped anger, shame and guilt to be able to elevate your energy  

Activation: Cutting chords to expand your energetic capacity to receive



90% of your gifts are in your shadow. The parts of you that  you’re ashamed of, feel guilt around and are hiding.

  • What the shadow is and why it is important to integrate it
  • Accessing your shadow self and the parts of you that you feel shame and guilt around so that you can return to wholeness (your natural state) 

Shadow self-meditation to access and integrate your shadow self.



  • Understanding the masculine and feminine energies within us so that we can integrate them.
  • Balancing the masculine (boundaries, discipline, focus) and feminine (healing, creativity, emotional intelligence energy in business so that you can cultivate an incredible 

Activation: Divine feminine and masculine integration so that you cultivate balance.



  • Identifying and activating your unique gifts so that you can understand how these support your clients and bring more vibrancy into your work
  • Creating your signature offer aligned with your story and unique gifts so that it is your own powerful methodology 
  • Identifying your soul client so that you know intimately who you are speaking to (it is not another ideal client avatar, promise) 
  • Receive my signature process for unlocking your signature offer!

Activation: Connect to your soul clients already in your vortex, get clear on who they are and how you support them.



  • How to create messaging that connects, captivates and converts
  • Unlocking your authenticity and story so that you are the only choice (there isn’t any competition when you understand this)
  • No one is you and that is your superpower! When you understand your uniqueness and use this in your messaging you’ll stand out 

Bonus: Unleash Your Messaging –  8 modules on Mindset, Energy and Feminine + Masculine balance in messaging.




  • The art of divine feminine led selling and how to use this method to amplify your sales 
  • How to balance the masculine and feminine energy in your sales calls so that you’re potential client feels seen, heard and appreciated and also signs up
  • How to navigate common objections and release attachment to the outcome so that you only work with clients you adore.



"I have been working with Vanessa and her work for over 2 years, the amount of gold nuggets, the amount of knowledge and gifts she passes on is amazing. She has taught me from the very start of our journey to speak my truth and be paid to do what I love; Which is speaking on stage, assisting others to share their truth, and to break from the shackles of what holds people back in their lives. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of Vanessa's journey and have her inspire me daily to be in alignment with my soul's purpose. Without her and her mentorship, I don't where I would be and how I could serve my clients, she has a special gift within and so much light to share. Her energy is divine."


"I have to say - every single thing you mentioned that may happen as an uplevel/growth is happening is happening to me right now. Disconnected, distracted, feel I don’t know enough, reconsidering my goals — I’m SO GRATEFUL for Paid To Be You."

ARE YOU READY to increase your income, impact and intimacy by being Paid to Be Unapologetically You? ONLY $44