And yes, webinars and courses are great—but you’re probably filled to the brim with information, unsure of which applies to you and how to implement it. 

And yes, you’re independent and bad-ass so you want to go it alone—but calling in expert support will save you time and money and energy and sanity.

And yes, creating a business while in a 9-5 is a TON of work—but it doesn’t have to involve burnout and overwhelm and throwing things.

So what if we got rid of the guessing games, the piecemealing, the limping around trying to steal moments of time to work on that side hustle and INSTEAD signed you up for the real deal—the big step to really invest in your business so you can quit that corporate job and make red hot money doing what you love.

This is for you.

(Other side effects include freedom, flexibility, a life full of meaning, more time with your family, heaping doses of time for self care and self love, and continuous, glorious, purpose-driven income.)


Well LET’S FLIPPING DO THIS THING! (And let’s do it together.) 

Welcome to FREEDOM BUSINESS ACADEMY: the 12 week group program that combines group coaching, mindset support, and the exact systems and structures so you can actively take those critical steps towards your first high-end clients and ultimately take your business from pipe dream to dream career.


  • We focus on strategy, routine, and mindset—we cover only what you need at this stage of your launch, not a bunch of extra fluff to take up space in your brain. Plus we help you create a powerful routine so you can prioritise like a powerhouse.
  • I’ve tailored this program specifically for women short on time (read: hustling at their corporate career) who want to know the exact steps they need to take to get their business show on the road.
  • I know all about this because I took this exact journey myself. I even quit my job to focus on my new business but because I had no clear strategy or accountability I really struggled (until I decided to get serious and invest in a program just like this).
  • This program is infused with guest experts on thrive-inducing elements like social media, copywriting and Facebook training —so you’re covered on all aspects of your launch.
  • We have a specialised techy zone to make sure you’re cranking it out at full speed, efficiently and with automated systems in place (think: Mailchimp, Squarespace, Leadpages, Facebook advertising etc.)
  • We rock it all out in a small, intimate group (of other high-vibe ladies) so that I know your business inside and out; and you’ll have a cheering section of other inspiring women.
  • Identify your ideal clients, nail down your social media and marketing strategy, and set up leadmagnets and drip campaigns to make those SALES rain.

  • Uncover those pesky money blocks so you can start attracting wealth and abundance into your life.

  • Discover how to juggle your 9-5, personal life, and this new business.

  • Identify your true passion and build the confidence to really pursue it.

  • Experience breakthroughs together by listening to the other incredible women on our group calls.

  • Compress that timeline so you can see clearly when and how you’re going to reach your financial goals (and quit that day job!)