Are you really a PROCRASTINATOR?

I hate labels, I hate people putting themselves in "boxes" and it saddens me when individuals stay stuck in that mindset because of the thoughts and beliefs they feed themselves constantly. I know hate is a strong word but I have decided I do feel very strongly about this!

Take a moment to think about all of those things you say to yourself. Do any of these resonate with you? "I am lazy and never get what I need to do done," " I will never have a successful business" "I will never get the clients I desire" or "I will never really quit my 9-5." These thought patterns stay on repeat like a really bad song and we actually believe them so much so, that it becomes our reality. We become more lazy, we feel more tired and we start doing less to build our business and attract the clients we desire so we stay stuck in jobs we dislike for a lot longer than necessary.

I see this so often as a cycle of destructive behaviour and I have been there myself so I completely understand.  The top struggle I initially hear from clients is time management and not being able to juggle life, work and building a business. Yes, life is busy and creating a business takes time but I strongly believe that when you want to do it badly enough, there is always enough time

When I started my business, I tried to do it alone with no support or accountability. I knew I was a talented coach because I saw amazing results with my clients but when it came to actually building my business (social media, being visible, writing opt- ins) I was an awesome procrastinator. I recall sitting at my desk ...doing...... nothing or starting something to scrap it because it wasn't "perfect." Unfortunately perfect is very difficult to achieve  and can often be fears showing up to hold us back. Next time you are trying to obtain a level of perfection that is beyond where you are at, check in with yourself and see where it is truly coming from.  

I had every scheduler you can imagine, I had researched different time management techniques, I set alarms and I wrote to do lists. From the outside I was an organised & efficient machine but still nothing was getting done. 

What I realised is, it wasn't the tools and I wasn't really a procrastinator. There was something a lot more deep seated that was holding me back from the life & business I truly desired. I really did not believe I could do it! My heart was saying, "I need to get out of this job I dislike" but my head was saying "Yeah right, you really think you can pull this off?"  

If you try to build a business with a poor foundation, things on top are likely to be shaky (or non existent). When you get your mindset right and you believe that you deserve success, abundance and a life so much richer in many ways and you then take the inspired action...well that is where the magic happens! 

This is how I see this "procrastination" cycle now ... I don't believe I can do it and I fear failure ---- I procrastinate, feel overwhelmed & stare blankly at my screen ---- I don't get anything done ---- I see no results ---- and I believe even less that it is possible for me. Sound familiar? Sick of it?

So, if you feel like you are never getting anything done, these tips may be helpful;

1. Master your mindset

I know I speak about this a lot, but I truly believe that your mindset is an essential building block to really creating and maintaining a successful business. Often we focus on the actions we are not taking instead of really analysing and challenging our thoughts and beliefs. I have become very conscious of my internal dialogue and I see that not only has working on my mindset improved my business but it has a profound and beautiful effect on the rest of my life. I often use the analogy of going out for a run. If you keep saying to yourself "this is difficult," "I hate this," and "I can't wait for this to end" you probably won't get very far. When you start your business with that same energy, it's unlikely that success will come at the level you desire. There are a number of tools that can be used to create a success mindset so you overcome self - doubt, fears and self - limiting beliefs. Adopting a positive, abundant and growth mindset is something that needs to be worked on daily. Affirmations, reading uplifting books (Think & Grow Rich, The Power of Now, Leveraging the Universe, Conscious Language) , meditation, journalling and visualisations should be incorporated into your day. It is not about trying to do it all so you do is about choosing what works for YOU so you consistently practice it.  

2. Have a strategy in place

As a New or Aspiring entrepreneur, we often think that we should and can do it all alone. In the corporate world, you get on and do it without really identifying or appreciating the support you have around you. I know I was the stubborn women who thought she could do it alone, until my business was becoming an expensive hobby and I was back in a 9-5 I disliked (one of the worst moments of my life). As a Solopreneur, it can be lonely and difficult if you don't have the necessary support and accountability in place. There is so much power in knowing exactly what to do and WHEN and having someone hold you accountable so that you don't waste time and resources playing a guessing game. 

Have a clear strategy in place, set SMART goals (weekly, monthly and yearly), get the clarity you need on your message and mission and identify your "WHY" (what is the reason you are doing this). When you know where the journey will lead, the fears tend to get left behind. 

Have an accountability partner, hire a mentor, tell others what you are doing and work consistently on achieving your goals. 

3. Assess where it is truly coming from

 It is so important to take time to assess where things are really coming from. Why do you really think you are not doing the tasks you want to do? Why are you resisting it? Often when you look deeper, there is some self - doubt, fears, self - limiting beliefs or a lack of definitive plan in place. 

Once you identify why you are procrastinating ask yourself where does it come from? What would change if I overcame it? What would it mean to have the life I desire?  

Often we put off the very tasks that will really bring the greatest success because we are about to have a breakthrough; actually start that business, finally get visible or go from a 5 figure to 6 figure business. Sometimes we subconsciously self - sabotage which keeps us stuck. A great book to read on self - sabotage and the "upper limit problem" is The Big Leap by Gay Hendriks. The psychology of self - sabotaging is fascinating but something for another post!

4. Take ACTION

I firmly believe in the power of manifestation and the Universe supporting me on this journey, but I wholeheartedly understand that without action it is difficult to truly attract everything you desire. 

" The only way to fully engage the Universe is to fully engage yourself by doing all you can, with what you have, from where you are"

Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley

If you constantly work on your mindset, put a definitive plan in place and take ACTION...that is where the magic happens.

5. Use the TOOLS

Going back to having all the tools and never using them...well, I don't need to be too exhaustive on this. They work...if you work them! There are ways to work smarter not harder and I will get on to that but for now don't blame the tools, recognise where it is all coming from and put a plan in place to rock your business! You have a gift and by not doing it, you are doing a disservice to yourself and others. 

I would strongly advise reframing from labelling yourself a procrastinator or any labels for that matter. You are an individual who has the power to create and do anything you desire. Don't put yourself in a box that you find difficult to break out free in pursuit of what lights you up.. Remember anything in life is possible if we have the will and the way. You can achieve anything you desire!

To your success

Vanessa xx

P.S If you are ready to quit the struggle, stop the time wasting and really achieve the things you want to (because you know those dreams exist for a reason) then book a call with me to discuss your business or business ideas and how I can assist you in making your life + business dreams a reality. Book a complimentary clarity call.