And yes, webinars and courses are great—but you’re probably filled to the brim with information, unsure of which applies to you and how to implement it. 

And yes, you’re independent and bad-ass so you want to go it alone—but calling in expert support will save you time and money and energy and sanity.

And yes, creating a business while in a 9-5 is a TON of work—but it doesn’t have to involve burnout and overwhelm and throwing things.

So what if we got rid of the guessing games, the piecemealing, the limping around trying to steal moments of time to work on that side hustle and INSTEAD signed you up for the real deal—the big step to really invest in your business so you can quit that corporate job and make red hot money doing what you love.

This is for you.

(Other side effects include freedom, flexibility, a life full of meaning, more time with your family, heaping doses of time for self care and self love, and continuous, glorious, purpose-driven income.)



Welcome to FREEDOM BUSINESS ACADEMY: the group program that combines group coachingmindset support, and the exact systems and structures so you can actively take those critical steps towards your first high-end clients and ultimately take your business from pipe dream to dream career.

What makes this program different?


  • We focus on strategy, routine, and mindset—we cover only what you need at this stage of your launch, not a bunch of extra fluff to take up space in your brain. Plus we help you create a powerful routine so you can prioritise like a powerhouse.
  • I’ve tailored this program specifically for women short on time (read: hustling at their corporate career) who want to know the exact steps they need to take to get their business show on the road.
  • I know all about this because I took this exact journey myself. I even quit my job to focus on my new business but because I had no clear strategy or accountability I really struggled (until I decided to get serious and invest in a program just like this).
  • This program is infused with guest experts on thrive-inducing elements like social media, copywriting and Facebook training —so you’re covered on all aspects of your launch.
  • We have a specialised techy zone to make sure you’re cranking it out at full speed, efficiently and with automated systems in place (think: Mailchimp, Squarespace, Leadpages, Facebook advertising etc.)
  • We rock it all out in a small, intimate group (of other high-vibe ladies) so that I know your business inside and out; and you’ll have a cheering section of other inspiring women.

Together, we will:


  • Identify your ideal clients, nail down your social media and marketing strategy, and set up leadmagnets and drip campaigns to make those SALES rain.

  • Uncover those pesky money blocks so you can start attracting wealth and abundance into your life.

  • Discover how to juggle your 9-5, personal life, and this new business.

  • Identify your true passion and build the confidence to really pursue it.

  • Experience breakthroughs together by listening to the other incredible women on our group calls.

  • Compress that timeline so you can see clearly when and how you’re going to reach your financial goals (and quit that day job!)
3 simple ways (1).png

Let's do this!




And now, here's the intimate group coaching program breakdown:

  • Twice a month we will connect on group coaching calls.  Not only will all your questions be answered but you'll also learn coaching skills by hearing me laser coach your FBA sisters. 
  • All calls will be recorded and stored in the membership site for access at anytime.

  • Group accountability and support coupled with laser coaching is the best foundation for success!


  • Weekly workbooks with templates, worksheets and checklists to help you transform your mindset and put the right systems and structures in place to create a freedom - based life + business.
  • A “techy zone” of videos and PDFs for Facebook ad training, Leadpages, Squarespace and more.

  • Videos + Recording to keep you on track for success.

  • Every Thursday you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions by email or in the Facebook group.
  • There will be an opportunity (depending on availability) to speak to me directly to address any mindset or wealth consciousness related questions.

  • Access to all material and any updates so you can refer back to the resources + group calls whenever you want.
  • A place to connect with other high - vibe women to  share, connect and support each other on this journey.
  • I will be active in the group to answer questions + assist wherever possible so you reach your goals.

  • Surrounding yourself with like minded - women from around the globe and connecting in this way is fundamental to your success.

Ready to join but have questions? Book a Discovery Call with me 

Monthly Rundown

Early Bird Orientation

An Orientation pack designed to give you a road-map for success

A list of resources + course reading to get you results before you even start the program

Getting intimate with your finances

Creating a powerful routine that ensures you can juggle life, work + business and create your business with grace and ease


Master your mindset

  • Overcome fears, doubt + self - limiting beliefs

  • Step into the confident woman that you are and show up in the world as your authentic, unstoppable self

  • How to switch any negative thought patterns off so you get out of your own way

  • How to become the confident leader of your own life. Go from Hot Mess to the CEO of YOUR life

Wealth Consciousness

  • Overcome any money blocks that are holding you back

  • Prepare yourself energetically to receive in a BIG way so you can have $5K, $10K months

  • The exact tools I use daily to attract incredible wealth + abundance into my life


  • Ensure your business idea will be successful + sell like hot cakes

  • Identify who your ideal client is within your specific niche so you can effortlessly attract them

  • Get razor-specific on your unique selling point so you stand out in the crowd and sell as many packages as your heart desires

  • Use my Ultimate Dream Client Strategy that allowed me to book 3 high end clients in my first month



Packaging Your Offering

  • Package your offerings so that you don’t have to charge by the hour (and end up broke)

  • Design irresistible packages your clients can't refuse


  • Learn the key steps to creating a brand that is authentically you AND attracts your ideal clients

  • Ensure that your photoshoot is done the right way so you don’t waste time & money

  • Stand (way) out in the sea of sameness


  • Set up a high - converting sales funnel that brings pre - qualified leads to you in your sleep (or when you are doing yoga, running or eating at your favourite restaurant!)

  • Learn everything you need to know about newsletter + solo mailers that will actually get clients

  • How to set up a high - converting Facebook ad so you stop wasting time and money

  • Bonus: Guest expert Julie Lowe - Facebook advertising


  • A step - by step guide to creating a high converting Facebook advert

  • Fresh ways to use your leadmagnet/freebie to build your list 

  • How to create a challenge funnel that converts leads to paying clients. 

  • Bonus:  Facebook Training from Guest Expert Julie Lowe


  • Put the rights systems and structures in place to ensure a seamless process with your clients

  • Streamline your business so you’re not wasting time + money

  • Put the foundation in place to create your 6 - figure business

  • Bonus:  Welcome pack, client pre session and post session questionnaire, example coaching questions and testimonial cheatsheet


  • Discover the exact web pages you need (and what to say on each) to ensure success

  • Learn how to create your own sales page that actually converts

  • Find out the single most important thing you need on your website to effortlessly get bookings for your high end packages

  • Bonus: Guest expert Lyndsay Rush 





  • Create a cohesive feel across all social media accounts

  • Learn how to leverage social media using multiple platforms

  • Master how to setup and navigate Facebook and Instagram accounts so you stop playing a guessing game

  • Bonus: Guest expert Alyson Andrews


Being a Sales Superstar

  • Get the exact sales formula that allows you to book ideal clients

  • Learn how to overcome any objections (or eliminate objections entirely) so that you drastically reduce your “no’s”

  • Confidently talk about your coaching packages and learn how to truly see the value in your offering so it no longer feels like selling.

  • Overcome any anxiety or fear around sales conversations so you feel excited about telling your ideal client about working with you



  • Learn how to get registrants for your webinar and actually get them to turn up LIVE

  • Create webinar slides that convert and sell your program with ease

  • Master the exact steps to create a professional video on a tight budget and overcome any video anxiety (if you’re not doing videos you need this!)

  • Bonus: Emails, videos and resources to create your first webinar  

Speaking of my story (killer segue, huh?) I’m Vanessa Hallick and I bet we have a ton in common—namely, we have big dreams and won’t take mediocre for an answer.

My backstory isn’t all that wild: I’m just an ordinary girl from small town Knysna...but I always dreamt of doing big things with my life. I wasn’t born into the entrepreneurial world—my dad was an accountant and my mom was a teacher—so when I finished university (doing my honours in Human Resource Management), I went into recruiting. After realizing that recruitment sales is a brutal industry, I dabbled in customer services before ending up in HR. At first the work seemed right, but after 7 years I was extremely unhappy. And it showed—in my health, weight, skin, and disposition. I knew there was more out there for me—I just didn’t have a clue what that was.

So there I was, suffering personally and physically, lacking clarity, confidence, meaning, and purpose...but too fearful to leave my “safe” job. So I hired a career coach. Like many people who do so, I was blown away by the shifts in myself, and realised that  coaching itself was the career I had been looking for. There was just one problem: I had no clue how to be an entrepreneur.  While I was still in my 9-5, I was laser-focused on getting the certification completed and building my website. I did a photoshoot and spent money prematurely on Facebook ads. I was opting into every freebie, taking every webinar, and still coming up short. The passion was there, but creating the business was much more difficult than I anticipated. For one thing I was completely overwhelmed and scared. For another, I had no idea what my message was, who I wanted to work with, or how in the world to attract them. I was going about this on my own, stubbornly doing what had worked in my corporate career—but the clients (and the money) was not pouring in. Not at all.

Then, between the sleepless nights, the tears, and the agony that maybe I would have to stay at this corporate job for the rest of my life,  I decided to INVEST in myself. I decided that life was short, that if I put money into this thing I deeply believed in, it would flow back to me.

And I was right.

Although I really couldn’t afford it at the time, I hired my own business coach  and took out a loan—because I knew I couldn’t afford not to. I continued my job in HR (even though I really didn’t want to) to keep the money flowing in.  And within 32 days of working with my mentor I went from having an expensive hobby to replacing my corporate income. That month, I almost paid off the 6 month coaching program ($10K) with the money from my online business and HR work. It was mind blowing and so exciting. I finally had a business! I went from struggling to give away free coaching or pay my bills to making enough money to replace my corporate income in just 1 month of coaching. I ended up going from $10K in debt to $14K saved within less than 6 months. And now, I get to help amazing, fierce, unstoppable women from all across the world do the same thing— build their own freedom-based businesses and quit their 9-5. Also? I’m traveling to Dubai and South Africa this spring for 7 weeks to see my family and friends. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to take longer than 2 weeks away.

My story is not an anomaly. It can be yours too.



To review, you’ll be getting group coaching calls, weekly office hours for support and accountability + multiple how-tos from guest experts + the support and tools to finally get your buns and business out there


Have questions? Book a Discovery call with Vanessa HERE.



Lyndsay Rush is a copywriter living and lounging in Chicago, IL.  She's been making words dance for over seven years and believes herself to be the world's best boss (note: she works for herself). Lyndsay's work is rooted in humor and humanity—she thinks witty, concise, conversational copy is queen. In addition to crafting several of my (favorite) sales pages, she's partnered with big hitters like The Dallas Cowboys, Chick-fil-A, and Lee Jeans (yes, they’re still around). When she's not elbow deep in copy, she's contributing to humor sites like Reductress and Above Average and writing original sketch shows for The iO Theater Chicago. For jokes: follow her on Twitter, for words head to


Julie Lowe has been in the marketing and advertising world for 15 years and spent 4.5 years as the Digital Marketing Manager for a Multi-Million dollar e-commerce company, before going out on her own.In addition to helping me enormously with building my business, Julie has partnered with industry leaders such as Melanie Duncan (Online Edge Academy)the Female Entrepreneur Association and Kimra Luna (Inside of Be True Brand You)


Alyson Andrews has been working in social media marketing for the last 7+ years. She's worked for small local brands, fortune 500 brands, and companies of all sizes in between. It was her job to set their digital strategies and make them successful with social media marketing. She knows everything about what it takes to find your potential customers, grow your business, and make money using social media. She has also run a successful fashion blog for over 5 years and has been making income every single month using techniques she has down to a science!


Alex Tooby is an Instagram Marketer, Influencer & Mentor. Over the last year and a half she has built an engaged, targeted and profitable following of over 435,000 followers on Instagram. Her expertise has been featured in major publications like Business Insider, Time and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Now she teaches other entrepreneurs how to take advantage of the photo sharing app and use it to promote their unique businesses.


Natasha is a highly energetic, beer swigging, fun runner, mother of teenagers, wife, dog lover and marketing geek.

For over 15 years she successfully written and implemented marketing strategies for businesses from different industries with different target audiences and with varying budgets. What she discovered was that the formula for developing a marketing plan for fertiliser is basically the same as a marketing plan for bourbon, which is basically the same for ladies sports apparel no matter what size budget.  

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell or who you are trying to sell it to, the processes involved to market your business are basically the same.

Natasha is currently living the life of her dreams since relocating to Townsville in Tropical North Queensland to live year-long summer and enjoy seafood freshly caught by her husband.  She also runs Boost Marketing Services where she shares the steps businesses need to take to launch their next program, product or promotion.



Yes, this program will provide all the information and tools you need to build your business! Even if you only have a business idea, this program will be perfect for you.


Yes, as long as you're an online service-based business. The model will work for personal trainers, nutritionists, social media consultants, graphic designers and other professionals. The information provided will give you all the tools you need to compress your timeline and reach the level of success you desire in your business.


I'd allow between 3 - 4  hours a week to do the coursework and attend the live calls. There will be additional reading and daily mindset work that I recommend to ensure success.


It’s hard to compare, but I’ll do my best! The content of this program was developed from my own journey from struggling to get clients to getting fully booked!   I found the mindset work was essential to my success. It’s also a much more intimate group in terms of numbers compared to a lot of other programs so you get more attention in the Facebook group, weekly office hours and on the weekly calls with me. 


All calls will be recorded so you can listen to them whenever you want! The times for the live calls haven’t been determined yet but if you miss one you can catch the replay. There will be an option to submit questions prior to the call or attend for part of the call if you can’t make it.


As you can imagine, there are no guarantees when it comes to programs like this. I am going to teach you the exact steps I took to reach my first $5K month and go on to have multiple 5 - figure months!

What if I have any questions?

We will be happy to answer any queries you have and want to make sure this is the right program for you (which we are sure it will be). Please use the chat box, email us at or book a complimentary Discovery Call with Vanessa.


I’ll close with the three magic words every solopreneur is longing to hear:

anything is possible.


Because I believe it to be wildly true—and now’s your time to prove it to yourself.